1. Why won’t my browser display the website correctly?

    Many older browsers are not very secure. Further, some browsers do not comply with Web standards. In order for PipeTradesPrep to support such browsers, the price of courses would increase to offset the tremendous amount of effort necessary to provide our content on all browsers. Therefore, we chose to keep our prices lower and support more current, more secure browsers. View the browsers we officially support.

  2. Why won’t videos play in my browser?

    First, be sure your browser meets the requirements of this website (see above). View the browsers we officially support. Next, if videos still will not play, ensure that you have Adobe Flash Player installed. We support many recent browsers and versions. However, earlier versions of Internet Explorer still require Adobe Flash Player in order to play our videos.

  3. Why do some videos take a while to start playing on my computer?

    You are expected to have adequate Internet access to view our courses, which rely heavily on multimedia content. View the minimum required bandwidth.

  4. How secure is my credit card information?

    Your credit card information is extremely secure. Your information is encrypted before transmission for payment processing and is transmitted for payment using a secure sockets layer (SSL) connection. In addition, we never store your credit card information.

  5. Will these courses guarantee my acceptance into a Local union apprenticeship?

    These courses were developed in coordination with the United Association. They are designed to prepare students for the selection process for the pipe trades industry. As with any course, applying one’s self is required. There is no guarantee of acceptance.

  6. If I have a problem with the system who do I contact?

    Our support staff receives all requests at: contact-support@pipetradesprep.com. Your request will be handled in the order in which it was received and we will contact you as soon as possible.

  7. Is this program available to specific industries, schools, or municipalities?

    Our training preparatory programs are available to individual organizations or regional municipalities. Please contact us at contact-support@pipetradesprep.com with your inquiry.